History of Maties Football

Maties Football’s promotion to the ABC Motsepe League has been years in the making.

“This is a major step for Maties Football and for the sport in the greater Stellenbosch area. The new experience will broaden our horizons in a big way! We as a unit can only prosper from this promotion. It will create a fantastic atmosphere at our home ground, Lentelus.  It will also make Lentelus the hub of football activity in Stellenbosch,” said Desmond Crowie, Maties Football Head Coach.

The ABC Motsepe League is the current second division and overall, third tier of South African football. The competition features 144 teams in total, divided into nine divisions which are located within the nine geo-political provinces of South Africa.

Each provincial division comprises of 16 teams. The winner of each provincial division qualifies for the annual Promotional Play-offs where they are divided into two streams with the winners of the two streams being promoted to the National First Division.

“The three components in our sphere can all benefit from our promotion. First up the High Performance student-athletes that get selected to be part of the squad will be able to play week-in week-out against tougher opponents. This can only improve them as individuals and prepare the team better for the USSA tournament.

“The community players that have that edge that separates them will be able to showcase their God-given talent on a broader spectrum – the whole of the Western Cape. It can only enhance the holistic development of the person.

“Finally, our partnership with Stellenbosch FC can grow, because the club will be able to add players from their DStv Diski Challenge (u21 tournament for PSL teams) to play for us in a more competitive league. The player development in that regard can be fast-tracked.”

Crowie added that achieving the promotion is the result of a process that started years ago already.

“We as a team want to say thank you to the top management of Maties Sport for their continuous support and belief in the process. Our club manager Ellroy Smith for his guidance and support. We also have an amazing technical support team consisting of Sylvin Thomas; Zukhanye Magwa, Graham October; Lee Langeveldt and Cecil Adams. Each contributed not only with their expertise, but also their support and persistence.

“As the coach I want to thank my players for their commitment, discipline and the belief in the programme and process.”

Team consultant and Stellenbosch FC goalkeeper Langeveldt said that Maties’ promotion is another step in the right direction for the beautiful game in Stellenbosch. “I am extremely proud of the players and the club. I do believe the whole of Stellenbosch is! This is another step in the right direction of giving young talented soccer players of Stellenbosch, opportunities. The team had some challenges, and I must give credit to Coach Desmond and his team. These are exciting times for soccer in Stellenbosch.”