Message from the Chief Director

We recognise the value of university sport, including our opportunities to advance its brand, to student-athletes, schools, clubs, sports organisations, and our communities. I do however believe that a renewed commitment for a sustainable delivery model is required to ensure a more innovative and entrepreneurial model that will sustain participation at all levels and to achieve this, a more sustained financial reform is necessary.

Maties Sport has very busy with several key focus areas that include:

  • The university’s 5-year external review process that allows us to think differently about our sport delivery model.
  • Development of our new 5-year Human Resource Strategy as an employer of choice, with the focus on job evaluations for the purpose of promotion and succession planning.
  • Re-categorisation of sport codes including re-allocation of sport code management.
  • Revisiting parts of our high performance sport programme with the focus on our PACER programme, coaching and our recruitment and retention that includes the bursary allocations and to ensure a stronger wrap-around support.
  • Expanding our sport offering with our Campus Sport and Recreation and Active Lifestyle initiatives.
  • Re-positioning our Centre for Sport Leadership with the focus on providing thought leadership with initiatives focus on Research for Impact; Capacity Building and Social Impact.
  • The above-mentioned re-alignment areas form part of our strategy renewal, moving from 8 to 5 strategic objectives that are aligned to the Stellenbosch University 2024 Vision.

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has had and will continue to have considerable effects on the sporting world, especially the impact on mental well-being, limited income generation, and considering our socio-economic circumstances and its impact on higher education, the role of sport requires considerable review and change.

In 2022, Maties Sport had an incredible sporting year. I am proud of the dedication and commitment of both the staff and student-athletes to accomplish so many achievements on the field including 10 USSA gold medals and two maiden Varsity Sports wins by netball and cricket. I hope our teams build on this and that the #MaroonMachine continues to advance.

Forward together as we continue to work towards another successful 2023.

Maties Sport Chief Director
Ilhaam Groenewald

Curt Ruiters 11