The High Performance Sports Unit

The Maties Sport High Performance Unit is dedicated to developing the sporting talent of student-athletes through evidence-based intervention programmes and professional services. It operates within a sport talent development framework with essential areas of concern that guide its daily actions.

The four core areas include Integrated Medicine and Science (all areas within sport medicine, such as sport physicians, dietetics, medical specialists etc.), Recruitment & Retention of talented student-athletes, Performance Enhancement (including strength and conditioning, gym access, technology, performance psychology and various aspects of testing and monitoring).

A unique fourth component to the HP program is the PACER (Persistence, Authenticity, Community, Empathy, Resilience) Holistic Student-Athlete and Coach Development and Support Programme. This program is focused on academic support to student-athletes, leadership development and support of the leadership groups/captains of our teams as well as training and development of our head and assistant coaches.

Key to the management of our programme are our full-time appointed Head Coaches of each of the High-Performance sporting codes and a program that is coach driven, bench marked with evidence-based best practice and a continued drive to stay innovative and current with our performance enhancement strategies.

The sport codes currently within the HP programme includes:

  • 1 Athletics (Men & Women)
  • 2 Cricket (Men)
  • 3 Football (Men & Women)
  • 4 Hockey (Men & Women)
  • 5 Netball
  • 6 Rugby 15s and 7s (Men and Women)
  • 7 Aquatics (Swimming & Water Polo; Men & Women)
  • 8 Basketball (Men & Women)

TThe HP Unit is responsible for the optimisation of the athletic development, physical and academic performance of Maties Sport High Performance student-athletes and teams.

As a service unit, it implements the use of sport technology in the design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation of innovative training programmes within the Maties Sport High Performance Integrated Medicine and Science (IMAS) programme. The strength & conditioning duties include both gymnasium-based and field-based training programmes, and cuts across all aspects of performance enhancement and student-athlete empowerment for all Maties HP sports.