Q&A with newly appointed USSA Football general secretary Ellroy Smith

Q: Ellroy, congratulations on your appointment into the USSA football executive, how are you feeling about the appointment and how are things going in the committee so far?

A: It’s exciting times I look forward to the challenge but also to contribute to USSA football, my goal is to try to take the association even further than where the old executive left it.

Q: How do you see football at a university level progressing?

A: Obviously USSA football has a massive role to play even within SAFA structures, so hopefully as an individual I can contribute first of all to the executive but then also to USSA football in general, we are at the moment looking at new ventures, new competitions for USSA football just to raise the profile of USSA Football. I look forward to the challenges, but I don’t see it as a challenge I see it as more as an opportunity to contribute towards something positive.

Q: Lastly, how do you feel you being on the committee and what does that mean for Stellenbosch football and our growth as a university?

A: For Stellenbosch in general, I think the opportunity of me being there and receiving firsthand information is great but also to be an advocate for change and whatever I learn at USSA level can be brought down to Stellenbosch to try and improve our football in our own environment.

We wish Ellroy all the best in his position at USSA Football!