Second annual Campus Sport bumper night promises to be even more memorable

Maties Sport is gearing up for the 2024 version of the Campus Sport bumper night at Coetzenburg on 6 March. This promising event is set to be an extraordinary display of athletic ability and community spirit building on the three memorable bumper nights held in 2023.

Anche Nortje, the project lead for the event, delves into the highlights of last year’s inaugural event and how the excitement of this year’s event will be memorable.

The 2023 event had rugby, netball, hockey, soccer, basketball, tennis, and table tennis on the roster. A total of 106 matches were played across these seven disciplines with nearly 800 students on average participating per night across the three bumper nights held in 2023.

Netball being the most popular of the seven codes across all three evenings – 770 students participated in a total of 56 matches.

Reflecting on the successes of the previous year, Nortje emphasised the sense of unity that resonated throughout the 2023 event, witnessing a large group of students actively participating in various sports while others fervently cheered them on.

A notable mention from last year’s event was the camaraderie and all-around team effort, both on and off the field. Nortje eludes to the esprit de corps, a golden thread throughout the planning, execution, and even post-event among students, coaches, and sports code managers.

“When you walk through the sports facilities and see a large group of students participating in sports and another group coming to support, you get a sense of togetherness. That together we are stronger,” Nortje said.

“Another highlight was the collaboration and teamwork between the Maties Sport Managers and the involvement of our Campus Sport students.”

This year, the event is set to surpass expectations by including six more sporting disciplines that were not present at the 2023 edition of the event.

Nortje explained, “Instead of having seven codes involved on one night, we aim to involve all 13 codes. We cater to traditional sports as well as modified versions, such as 5-a-side hockey and 3 vs 3 basketball, among others.

“Additionally, there will be free-for-all activities led by our RALU team, including the Matie Run, outdoor aerobics, and tug-of-war.”

Coetzenburg will be transformed into a dynamic arena where participants and spectators alike can witness the diverse sporting events unfold. Responding to the logistical aspect of the event, Nortje mentioned that while the planning remained consistent with the previous year, the team continually sought to elevate the experience, introducing new elements that would captivate both students and staff.

When asked about the importance of events like the Campus Sport Bumper Night for Stellenbosch University, Nortje emphasised the university’s commitment to promoting active lifestyles and fostering a sense of well-being.

“We want to encourage more students and staff to take part in a structured and well-organised sports league with the clear intention to enhance wellbeing through an active lifestyle,” she stated. Furthermore, the event aims to address the diverse sporting needs of students, fostering inclusivity and building long-lasting, sustainable sports clubs through increased membership.

The Campus Sport bumper night on March 6 promises an unforgettable experience, bringing the Stellenbosch University community together for a night of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the celebration of active living. As Anche Nortje aptly puts it, “Together we are stronger, and events like these exemplify the spirit of unity that defines Maties Sport.”

This years bumper nights will take place on the following dates: 6 March, 10 April, 24 April, 31 July, 21 August and 18 September.