Campus Sport Bumper nights a success in first year of its launch

Maties Sport established a new offering in recreational sport to the Stellenbosch University community when they launched Campus Sport bumper nights in the second semester.  

The bumper nights were introduced with an array of sporting codes all playing on a Friday evening, including rugby, netball, football, hockey tennis, table tennis, basketball. The initiative was targeted at enhancing students physical fitness, mental wellbeing and overall Stellenbosch University campus experience. They took place on 4 August, 18 August and 29 September with a large number of spectators in attendance at the various facilities for the respective matches.  

Head of the working group for these events, sport manager Anche Nortje said: “Campus Sport is the opportunity for everyone involved in Stellenbosch University to either take part in sport or to come support your friends. We have a clear understanding that exercise and movement leads to a better performing brain – and therefore if you must think on your feet, you need to get on your feet. This is also to give the different sport codes the necessary exposure so everyone can compete on one evening and spectators can watch different sport codes.” 

Stephan Bekker a hockey player from Dagbreek expressed his surprise in the comradery that came with the launch of the bumper nights for his residence: “The launch of the Campus Sport Festival has come as a welcome surprise to Dagbreek. The effort put in by Maties Sport and especially the heads of the various residence sports leagues is evident throughout and I am convinced it is because of this that it is such a big success.  

The organisational planning to have our various different teams play consecutive matches on the same evening to allow the hostel to support each team is something we are immensely grateful for. It created such a positive atmosphere not just during the evening but the whole day leading up to it. This, combined with it being our derby matches against Wilgenhof ensured that emotions and passion would run high. All of this just adds to an amazing evening!” 

Students were given the opportunity to socialise at our tent that was stationed behind Die Stal for two nights and at the Coetzenburg outdoor netball courts on the final night.  

Likewise the Nooitgedatch C football captain Ndimuhulu Tshishonga shared in the sentiments saying, “The energy was high throughout the thrilling bumper nights and at the soccer events. Although the competition was intense, the teamwork and sportsmanship on display made it a remarkable event. This was a true celebration of the beautiful game thanks to the action-packed games, the joy of winning, and the lessons discovered from losses, we are awaiting more exciting moments on the field!” 

Maties Sport Chief Director Ilhaam Groenewald shared on what to experience when joining this initiative and the department encourages more students to join in next year: 

“Here’s what you can look forward to by becoming a part of our campus sport programme: 

  1. Get fit and stay active: Our programme offers a diverse range of sport and activities designed to improve your physical fitness. You will have ample opportunities to challenge yourself and boost your endurance, strength, and agility. 
  1. Discover your potential: Our dedicated team will provide guidance, support, and access to personalised training plans to help you develop your skills, enhance your technique, and achieve your athletic goals. Whether you’re aiming to compete, participate or simply looking to improve, we’re here to support your growth and success. 
  1. Forge lifelong friendships: Sport has a unique way of bringing people together and by joining our programme, you’ll have the chance to meet fellow students who share your passion for sport and physical activities. Through our various activities, leagues, and social events, you’ll meet fellow students, forge lifelong friendships, create lasting memories, and become part of a much closer Stellenbosch University community.” 

This is only the beginning for the Campus Sport bumper nights and the launch of the events have been a resounding success. Future bumper nights are already in planning phase for 2024 and beyond. Maties Sport hopes to see you there next year! 

By Kimara Singh