Fearless captain Petersen leads from the front

Maties Hockey captain Tevin Petersen does not shy away from hard competition, he has lead his team to yet another semi-final at USSA Hockey and hopes to defend their current title.  

Petersen who has been a sportsman since his primary school days has expressed that he has always loved sport. He attributes his love for hockey and his choice to play it to his sister, saying: “My love for hockey just came from constantly being around hockey from a young age as my sister played at SA schools and SA u21 level which gave me the belief that I could be very good as well.” 

The Maties hockey men’s captain has truly led from the front during USSA and it can be seen in most of his performances on and off the field. The biggest lesson Petersen has taken in his budding career so far, “Is to never take anything for granted. I’ve been through many highs and lows in this game and they’ve all moulded me to appreciate every moment I have to play because I know it’s not forever,” he explained.  

In 2021, Petersen went through a difficult personal ordeal when he lost his mother but he still sites her as his greatest inspiration. “She always will be, but the life lessons she has taught me and just the person she was to those around her has always inspired me to be a better human in everything I do and always give my best in whatever I do and just to make her proud which I will continue to do,” expressed Petersen. 

It is clear that Petersen is soaking up his sporting moments and honouring his late mother by doing so, last year Maties Hockey were crowned USSA champions and he hopes to repeat this success again this year. He runs through the USSA tournament so far and his hopes for the year ahead, “We currently have 3/3 wins so we’ve had a good start to USSA and will be looking to add 3 more wins before the season ends. After USSA we hope to continue our pursuit in capturing the grand challenge championship which is the top league in the Western Cape,” he went on to say. 

“Being at Maties has truly changed my life. From the opportunity, the facilities and most importantly the people you meet along the way. It’s truly been a blessing to be in the Maties system.” Petersen who is currently studying International Studies is doing his best to strike a balance between sport and education. He does this from “discipline and prioritising”. “It’s not always easy with keeping the balance with a Stellenbosch social life plus other factors, however I’ve learnt to just prioritise the things that are most important to me because it’s all a privilege to have a great education and be in such an amazing sporting environment.” 

On his future prospects, Petersen admits that he would like to play hockey at the highest level possible. “I would love to one day be part of a national setup but I know it’s not in my control so my only goal for now is to just be better every day and give my all with whichever team I get to play for,” he concluded. 

By Kimara Singh