Maties appoint Manager for Student-Athlete Support Services

Maties Sport would like to officially welcome Ms Lungako Mweli who was appointed to the position of Manager: Student-Athlete Support Services from 1 July 2023. Mweli had a short Q&A following her appointment to the #MaroonMachine family.  

How do you feel about joining Maties Sport in this new position?
It’s an honour to be joining the Maroon Machine Family. I feel privileged and blessed to be placed in a position that affords me the opportunity to support, serve and enhance student-athletes’ academic and athletic wellbeing. My sole hope is to do justice to the role. 

You are a former netball player yourself, how important is it to have a balance between your sport and studies? How are you hoping to guide our HP student-athletes in this regard with your expertise? 

Yes I am, that experience in itself equipped me with a few life skills and lessons.
Maintaining a balance and managing life’s/university demands is imperative.
I imagine student-athletes in a three pillar system in the university context that includes Personal, Academic and Sport, this is an important reminder that they are Human Always. Students First. Athletes Second. I believe the balance goes beyond just the sports and the studies as there are other aspects of one’s life that affect their academic and athletic performance. As a result it’s important to offer healthy tools aimed at assisting student-athletes to manage those areas with the intent of witnessing them deliver quality performances both academically and on the field of play. I trust that if we instil the right values and mindset paired with their own discipline and work ethic, the future of each student-athlete will take shape.  

What are you most looking forward to implementing and doing when you arrive here?
I have various ideas which involve individual processes, group work and initiatives. However, I’d like to first assess the culture, understand the current dynamics and specific needs identified by the core individuals I’ll be serving and working with. I’m definitely looking forward to collaborating with the team of course in establishing innovative wellness solutions for the growth and development of our student-athletes.  

Maties Sport Head of High Performance, Grant van Velden had this to say as Mweli commenced in her new position: “The appointment of Ms Mweli marks a significant step forward for the Maties Sport High Performance Programme in supporting our student-athletes and head coaches holistically.   As an old student-athlete herself, Ms Mweli has a unique understanding of the academic, sporting, and social demands placed on student-athletes and this experience will come in handy when assisting them to make the best decisions possible to make their time at Stellenbosch University the most phenomenal student-athlete experience that they can have.  Ms Mweli will play a crucial role in driving our already established PACER programme forward to ensure our student-athletes are equipped with the tools that they need to take ownership over their academic and sporting success.”